Inspiring Wavy Navy

Inspiring Wavy Navy

For me, my relationship with the ocean began when I was a young girl, and my mother took me to her home country, the Philippines. Between beach days, boat rides, never wanting to leave the water, and yearning to touch jellyfish and other creatures, I’ve felt connected to the ocean for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn’t until later that I fully realized and appreciated its power and beauty.

The more time I spend near the ocean, the more I am in awe of its role in our world. The ocean is the engine of our planet—regulating our climate, generating most of our oxygen, and providing sustenance to humans and wildlife. Needless to say, it is home to so many of us. We need her more than we recognize. 🌎




It has never been more important in today’s world to protect marine ecosystems at every chance we get. From corals enriching our reefs to mangroves sustaining our coastal communities, and finally, with the apex predators in our ocean biodiversity, there are so many mechanisms essential to life, all originating from our oceans. I look at conservationists, activists, and photographer storytellers today who are all searching for ways to craft a better planet, and it all starts with the ocean. To name a few: Rob Stewart, Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen, Titouan Bernicot, Shawn Heinrichs, Madison Stewart, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and Mike Coots. These are some of the most influential storytellers in ocean conservation today, and some of them have even given their lives to the cause. Along with them and many others, we are aware that from the corals to the sharks, every single marine species has a role to play in the grand picture and is therefore essential to marine conservation and life on earth. Sharks control the fish population, coral reefs bring life—they're all part of a circle that has been built over thousands of years, and yet here humans are, close to destroying that ancient system in less than a century. We seek to help reverse that. We believe we are capable of more good than harm.



It was only a matter of time before our wavy navy was breathed into life. After all, every second breath we take comes from the ocean, but we needed to discover the perfect blue that would allow us to capture the color we observe in the ocean—the deep, beautiful blues beyond that thin surface line of blue. When I dive, there is so much more to see as I slip beneath it into a world we are fortunate to learn more about each and every day. This is what I cherish most about diving. While traveling, you witness twice as much as you do on land, and I am immensely grateful for the privileged opportunities our generation has to embark on such adventures, here and now. It's the closest thing to feeling like an astronaut and, in numerous ways, truly rewarding.




This was the inspiration behind this hue, and we can’t wait for you to discover wavy navy with us and see where it takes you on your adventure.


With love and hues,

Isabella Jusková

Co-founder, huemanity